Aurora Children's Centre Cardinal Carter Childcare Centre parent handbook enrollment package
Parent Perspective:Dear Kelly, I want to let you know how much my husband and I appreciate the love and care you have shown to April in the three years she has been with you. All of your teachers and caregivers are simply wonderful and the office staff is second to none. We will certainly miss everyone and hope that the new centre and school will take as good of care of April as you all have. She has learned so much from you all that I sincerely wish she could stay with you for her entire school life. The child who will take her spot is indeed very fortunate. Leaving will certainly be difficult for April as she has been here for so long and we know you will support and encourage her on her next great adventure.

Educating Through Play

Welcome to Aurora Children's Centre and Cardinal Carter Childcare Centre's website.

My name is Shelley Ambing and I am the Executive Director of this wonderful organization. My career in childcare and education began in 1981 when I was employed as a nanny by one of our former Prime Minister's of Canada. My aspiration to provide nurturing and educational environments for children has been unwavering.

I have been employed with this Corporation since January 1988 and I am very proud to work with such a superlative staff and board of directors. We are a dedicated, strong team of professionals committed to providing families with exceptional childcare services.

When you enroll your child in either centre, you as the parent/guardian enter into a partnership with us. You have made a statement of trust in the people who will care for your child.

Honest and open communication between you and the staff of the centre is 'key' in your child's development. There will be many times where we share with you the wonderful milestones your child has achieved, and there will also be times when we need to inform you that your child is having difficulty reaching those developmental landmarks. As professionals, we promise to support all areas of development including social, cognitive and emotional.

We operate with an 'open door' policy and welcome any questions, concerns or suggestions you may have.

Shelley Ambing, RECE
Executive Director
Staff Perspective:It is very fulfilling to see a child grasp a new concept or skill. I love their spontaneity and easy happiness. My job is fun as each day can offer some new challenge or experience. I am always learning from the children as well. They are honest, giving and make you laugh. Over the years I have gained many valuable life experiences from working with children. They have taught me patience and to enjoy the small things in life. ACC is a fantastic place for children to grow. The centre is organized and offers great programming, a gym, green space, playgrounds and a cafeteria with a nutritional menu. We have very dedicated and hard working staff who help contribute to this great facility.- Tina RECE
(Teacher at Aurora Children's Centre)